Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Nationals and padden lake or lake padden July14&15weekend

Nationals were just this last saturday in Sun Peaks. Kiara drove her sweet 1990 subaru over to my place in the corn, then the next day ma and pa came by and took us up to Sunpeaks. My folks also brought a massive slab of a 33lb salmon. When we got to sunpeaks we tossed that baby on the grill and it was unreal. On Friday I pre rode the course and it was good just like it was in 2001and 2002, a ton of climbing and wicked single track trails down 20min per lap and we had 6 laps. I felt OK leading up to the race. I was not sleeping as good as I wanted, I would go to bed 10-11 and wake up like 5-6. I felt tired all day for a couple days, I was thinking this race might be a hard one. At the start of the race I was in the lead group of like 5or 6 guys all chasing down Plaxton who was like 30sec up after the first lap, then I caught him and I was leading and was trying to put the boots to him and seamus and then I was in the lead for the rest of the race until like 5-7min to go I got passed by Kabush and had to settle for second. after the race got in the car and drove home and stopped by Taco Del Mar and DQ(monster cookie blizzard is unreal) got home at like 1030 and by 1045 I was swimming in cultus lake. a wicked end to a great day.

Sunday Kiara and I drove the Subaru down to Bellingham Washington to do the Padden Mt Pedal race. Kiara was not going to go, but she felt guilty for eating the blizzard, so we were off. the car was good on the way down. We both raced and did feed zone for each other. the course was wicked fun and fast with tons of flow. Kiara and I both Won and I won the first lap $100 prime. Right after the race we jumped in padden lake and then got a proper sized Burrito and then did the drive home. When we got to the border crossing there was like a 15-20min line up and the subaru was getting very hot, Kiara had to turn the car off and I pushed it through the border. Then we drove it home and we made it. and there was some people driving from sun peaks to Van or whistler. So we had a little bbq when we got home. Trish, Max, Dre, Jerome, and Kiara. were all here for a mad BBQ feed bag. "its a mad house".

On Monday my main goal was to get a real BBQ and upgrade from the camping size on I have. So I hit up Canadian tire and Plaxton told me which one to get, well its been done, last night we grilled up some cow, moo moo. after I got the BBQ, I went for a massage, then I came home and Mike took me to the lake to see if I could roll the boat. I thought I could do it no problem but it was a huge problem the first time I rolled it by accident and thought I was going to die. then mike gave me some pointers and I still didn't get it. I even smacked my face on the front of mikes boat then I almost froze to death. I am going later this week to try and roll the boat again. I will let you know. Tonight we are going have chicken burgers and watch the Tour Day france. I am going up to Whistler on thursday, we are driving in Kiaras Subaru so there could be some stories. I will post some photos on here next week.

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