Thursday, July 27, 2006

Whistler canada cup

So kiara and I made it up to whistler no problem. the subaru was cash money and all was good. I brought a big slab of salmon and we BBQed it up at Routleys and it was so unreal, the best salmon I have had all year. "look you idiot first of all its salmon not sallmon" It was hot in whistler, the rugged montana van said it was 38c I jumped in alta lake like 2-3x per day just to keep cool. For the race, the course was sweet very technical and very rough and bumpy, perfect for my wicked good epic bike. standing on the start line I was already starting to melt. the gun went off and I was in the lead group of 3 with raff and Kabush then I thought I would have a go at it after lap one and for lap 2 I was going, I had the lead and felt good. then like half way through the lap I hit a wall of heat, my stomach was not giving me love and I was puking in my mouth and getting all dizzy. I almost rode of the side of this ladder bridge, and thats the moment when I decided to pack it in and call it a day. I drank a lot of water and went and cooled down at the lake, Neal and I jumped in with all of our riding clothes on.

Got a ride home with the Douglass motorhome. got in at like 2pm then I went up to the river to watch Mike smoke everyone at this Kayak race. then we bbqed up some maui pork chops and then Mike and I went to the lake and I tried to roll again and I almost got it, next time. I got home, had swimmers itch and my sinus was so stuffed up from being upside down in a boat for way to long. so monday it was full chill for Ricky. I got this weekend off of racing but I will bbq and swim and ride and watch CSI everyday. then next thursday I am off to utah and Colorado for the last 2 NORBAs. laterRicky

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