Thursday, July 13, 2006

deer valley NORBA July 7-9

So now I am fully caught up on this whole blog thing. So this deer valley trip was a good one. I was fully solo and I flew in to salt lake city and took a cab to Midvale, to the days inn I where I was staying. I was going to meet up with Troy and Christine Misseghers. Troy was racing the marathon and they were still up at the course when I arrived at the hotel. I need to get some food I was dieing of starvation. right across from the hotel there was this very sketchy mexican place called albertos, it was like an old MacDonald's that had been converted into "Albertos". I didn't really want to go in because there is this thing called food poisoning that makes you race really slow. but I was very hungry and went in and got one of the best burritos I have ever had. tons of meat, it was unreal and it was 3 bucks. unreal. The race was at like 7000ft, and the course was almost all single track and we had 4 laps. I started out way to hard and then I paid for my efforts in laps 2&3, then on the last lap for some reason I had tons of gas and pinned it and ended up in 7th, and maintained my 5th overall. Then I hung out all day at 8000ft. I laid on the floor struggling to breathe then we drove down to Salt lake and got a burrito and hit the hay. In the short track I had a good start and was sitting in the top 10ish and then J. Biship ran me into the tape and we both went down and then I went way to hard trying to make up spots and blew up hard and ended up 18th, not wicked. Monday I traveled home and am now in chill mode after having a 12hr zonk. I am going up to sun peaks on Thursday, for nationals. later

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