Tuesday, November 12, 2013

early season skiing at home.

Last weekend up at mt baker on the Heliotrope ridge was great, the snow was awesome and the excitement was very high for the first ski tour of the year. However we all kind of missed out on the "backcountry" experience with so many people out. I hate mass amounts of people, its why I like to get into the back country, Its why I don't live in the big city, and its why I turn down Jay Z tickets at rogers arena. I love playing outside and seeing no one but my closest friends, I love being very far removed from the masses . The outdoor sports community is growing in leaps and bounds and you just need to work harder to get away. This past long weekend we just stayed close to home in the back yard, slept in past 5am, and had some great adventures finding great skiing. My new 1994 Suzuki Sidekick is so awesome and will crush any redneck logging road. Over the 3 days we skied some awesome 600m runs in great conditions and Only saw one other skier out there.
you gotta work harder out in red neck land, the roads are dirt and the trees are thick.

the logging roads are long and steep.

but the views are nice and the dogs are boss.

the hills are high and the snow is mint!

only the brave can survive this vast baron land.

I think I see Scott Simpson in his boat, He's on a boat yo

The masses.

Mt Waddingtons management

creeks are still going so rock skis were key.

So good, the wife breaking trail.

I think I can see the masses on the Heliotrope ridge.

token split boarder.  

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Dudeman I'm a little dissappointed not to see my name under "best people".....what's up with that?