Sunday, November 03, 2013

A tale of two cities.

Its been a really interesting the last two weekends. Last weekend Nate, Mel, Chris and I had two awesome rides in Squamish with hero dirt conditions. The first day we rode around the University and finished off with one of my favorite trails, somewhere over there. The next day we rode in the Cat lake area and finished off with another of my favs, credit line. This last weekend was awesome cause winter finally hit and dropped over a foot in the mountains. We got out to the baker area along with 60 of our close friends. Even though I hate people it was still a good time.
Chris on Freds.

Nate on Somewhere over there

First Ski day of the year. My legs are so sore right now. But so worth it.

Mel's nipple froze and Connor is all thumbs up.

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