Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Rogers Pass.

A couple weeks ago I went to Rogers Pass to hang out with some Quebes. Mat Toulouse was working in Vernon for a month and had some free time so we meet up with Martin Lafontaine and Sophie-Anne Blanchette from Golden and got things done. The first day we skied right behind the the old lodge and up Connaught Creek up to Ursus Minor area. We found some great snow and did a bunch of 300m laps in the trees. After crashing in Golden for the night we were back at the pass and headed up Loop Brook to ski some awesome runs loaded with pillows. We did a huge day and then I drove home and got home at midnight. I was sick in bed for three days after.
Martin's pants were so bright it affected the light in this photo I think. 

great snow up Connaught.

top of the Bonney Moraines. 

Mat killing it.

drop it like its hot.


you go first?


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