Monday, February 20, 2012

Bro's gone wild!

Just got home from one of the best trips of all time. I dont know if it was the best trip but the one with the most stories for sure. It was going to be a ski trip to rogers pass. But the Glacier park lodge had bed bugs so we all stayed in Revelstoke. The trip was on spring break so we got crazy! you know the whole, yeahhhhhh spring break!!!! So it was the "bro's gone wild" weekend. And it was wild! Connor, Marty, Melanie and I all jammed into the tercel wagon with 2 roof box's and 3 pairs of skis each and a ton of gear. No one thought my car was going to make the trip, but she made it with flying colors.
pack it out, pack it in, let me begin.........

light weight touring skis. check. Fat pow slaying planks, check. skate skis, check. skis, boots, poles.

jump on in! 

on the way we stopped in Kamloops to rock a skate ski at stake lake. Connor Curson "this is the best nordic center I've been too" Marty Lazarski "your car stinks"     Melanie Vaughan "Ricky, can I use your skis"

on our way up to the Asulkan hut. I think we were ten strong that day. 

Lunch at the the hut, I guess someone knew we were coming cause there was a fresh pot of chili on the table. 

on our way up to the 4 steps of paradise. its really called the 7 steps of paradise but some weather rolled in and there was little to no vis so we only went half way.  

yeahhhhhh Bros gone wild!!!!! at the top of the 4 steps. 

its a sleep country sale on pillows. 

this is on day two. Up by flat creek. maybe was my favorite day. lots of good snow. toby lost a ski and we all found it. and the ski out was just a ball. It felt like a back country park. The sky also cleared up a lot and we could see just how huge the rogers pass area really is. 

von on the up up.

on the down, with the pow pow. 

Troy just letting it rip. 

Luc and Christine just slaying the goods. 

Marty, Luc, and Troy at the top. About to go find Toby's ski. 

ski finding line. after probing for an hour we looked down the hill and  found the ski. It just went like 500ft down the mt on its own. nice one kanga. 

Day 3 we skied at mt pierce. It was closer to golden and we also found some more really fun skiing. 

Connor "red bull" Curson just going for it. 

This was a funny story. So I got Marty to drive my car and he ended up putting it in the ditch. we tried to get it out with shoveling and pushing and chains but nothing worked. then we used the skins and started making some headway, but these 2 dudes in a truck showed up and helped push and we were on our way. 

just crushing it. 

after the bed bugs at the pass and the koa cabins with no heat this is where we ended up. It was all good. the pub downstairs was just awesome. Next time we go Im going to crush the Mt man burger, its a 40oz beef patty on who know what kind of bun. anyhow if you eat it then its paid for and you get your name on the wall of fame and a free tee shirt. 

day 2 at the flat creek play park. brappppppp!

Monday, February 13, 2012

I just made the big times.

Well its been a crazy week. Max got kennel cough, he caught it from my sisters min pin penny. He had it for about a week and was not to happy, I got to clean up a ton of barf, oh good times. He's doing much better now but still not a 100%. Its been crazy warm and I've been riding my bike a lot, trails are just mint right now but I do wish the ski season made a come back soon. I rode this trail in Abby a bunch its the halfway trail at Ledgeview but you take a right turn right at the top of it and its very hucky chucky with a huge hit right at the end that I dont have the balls to do.....just yet. Sunday skied with Neal Kindree at the Calaghan we skied like 35k and Im cooked today. However I've made the big time. booooooo yeahhhhhh
getting dressed to hit the skate ski with the Squamish wonder child. that On Sight bag Im standing on is so sweet. It one of those things Im going to get my money out of cause I use it a ton. Transitions in life are much more handy with the bag, the pack/unpack/repack/ski/bike/paddle/dinner/weddings/dog park/hockey/coffee shop/dead chickens/fishing/camping/dirt biking/drinking beer and wasting bullets, whatever you can think of this bag does it all. plus you can stand on the lid while you get changed on the snow and your feet stay dry and happy.  

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Double Day

The weather this last week was just crazy! no precip in a week, sunny sky's and mt biking in exposed knees and elbows! there is still pow out there also. I should mention this is February! so nuts. anywho its been an unreal week! pow for breakfast, and hero dirt for dinner. yes please!
my muffler almost fell off but I saved it with the trusty G3 ski strap! yeahhhhhh G3

ok, so we all watch these ski movies where dudes just send it off crazy cliffs and ski totally manky lines and we are all like oh man that guy is nuts, or a mt bike video where some dude jumps a train or sends it off some gnar. well its really nothing after watching this. these guys are nuts and makes anything in the ski/bike world look so lame and small. double back flip on a 450lb sled, are you kidding me. I need to man up and grow a pair that all Im going to say. 

Costco what! oh made an unreal burger Monday night.  

Tuesday morning Etsell and I hit up Shuksan arm to see if there was still goods to be had. this is first thing in the morning.

I noticed a lot of people have been pissing on the snow wall in the parking lot, I tried to write my name with my pee and if you look really close you can kinda see it. the beer can and banana peel was there when we showed up, come on people take you empty's with you. 

good morning mt baker. 

yup Etsell found some goods on the north facing stuff. oh to much fun!

yeah not a bad way to spend the morning. 

lunch. triangle bun, 2 eggs, fromage, mayo, and ketchup. this is at the top of Shuksan arm.

frost hoar art shot of my sweet ride. 

then after the ski I hit up Ledgeview for some full on hero dirt. the trails were as good as they get. Never mind that its February. 

yup the prepare to stop sign is down, that means green light. bring it!  Im tired now. Time to eat, triangle bun what!