Monday, November 07, 2011


Friday Etsell made me wake up at 5am but it was all worth it in the end. We had an unreal day up at the Heliotrope ridge in pow town conditions. Turns out the early bird gets the worm as we had our way with the fresh untouched slope before the 23 cars pulled into the parking lot and went on to rape the hill. Nothing like fresh untouched in Nov. Yeah 23 cars on a Friday, do people not work anymore? some other dudes take of it
Etsell with the sun coming up. It was so cold first thing, I had the big oven mitts on most the day. hands were getting really cold.

First run of the moring. The ski hill was reporting 11inch fresh snow!!!!

Skin to win.

yeah not bad eh.

if you look real careful like you can see the masses coming in over the horizon. This was our last run.

oh oh blower!

Its like art but more fun.

the bridge at grouse creek washed out in a killer avalanche last year so we are left to deal with this sketchy crossing.

when we went up in the morning there was zero cars here. And after there was half of Bellingham. crazy!

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