Tuesday, November 01, 2011

More turns.

Toby Roessingh "you've been skiing twice all ready?, you bastard!"
yup thats right, and two awesome days. This past saturday I got out with Melanie Vonshredda for a gooder in the Mt baker area. The ski hill was reporting 7inch new snow the day before. So we hit it as early as possible. We topped out at 2180m around 1130am and then did a bunch of laps. The snow was good but a little wind blown but great turns. plus the weather was killer!
Princess VonShredda!
boo yeah! von sending it on the skin track!
Oct turns.
Up up and away. when Mel and I got to the snow there was a group of three other dudes then there must have been like 20 dudes up there. by the time we did our last lap. it was nuts. to many people know about how fun this is. baker sucks, tell your friends.
Yeah G3, Im just loving my Manhattans. I think von is also loving it.
The one thing I really love about my neck of the woods is that the snow is so white but the valley below is so green, even in the fall. Its the best place in the world!
yes this is fun.

Until time.........

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