Sunday, October 23, 2011

October turns.

Skiing in Oct. So much fun. We live in the best place on earth! In the last week I've ridden my bike on an alpine ridge, hucked my meat in trees with hero dirt, paddled a huge canyon with big bad salmon jumping all over, and today I skied on a volcano. SO good.
Oct 23rd. Skied with a big group. Nathan "switch" Etsell, Brandon "20 egg omelette" Crichton, Marty "pro deal" Lazarski, Tara "baker" Lazarski, and Melanie "debit" Vaughan.
Debit booting it. cool photo day. everything looks almost as awesome in the photos but its just never the same, you just gotta be there.
some random dude shredding the ice. blower bro!
I really like this photo. such a good day.


ssportsman said...

Wow! great shots, especially the final picture of random dude. Despite the Vancouver is a great place to live

Toby Roessingh said...

I did math and a running race! ... Scheisse.