Tuesday, October 18, 2011

How you should spend your Monday morning.

Monday morning Sullivan, Jamie and I rode elk thurston. It was perfect weather but maybe a little chilly willy at the top. The ground had frost on it in a lot of sections in the shade up high. But for the most part the ground was very hero dirt like and you could just stuff it in the corners! Send it bro! The whole ride from car to top of thurston and back to the car took us 2hrs! The boys ripped it hard on their 2olb xc bikes. What a great morning!
Sully almost at the elk view point. and what a view!
Alpine singletrack for breakfast please!
Mt Slesse in the distance and Jamie and Sull taking it in!
Then as is that wasn't enough later that evening Melanie and I went on a night ride on the north shore. Its that time of year again.
Yeah the beach is that way.

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