Tuesday, October 11, 2011

29 and 30

The last while has been some good times. I've been riding my bike a lot. It turns out the fall is a great time for bike riding, I would always burn myself out by the time oct rolled around and the thought of touching a bike was the last thing on my mind. Now that Im getting old and fat its the first thing on my mind.
Max looks a little pissed we had to stop for mike to take a call, but he is mike levy and its all business all the time.

I dont know about this. mikes bike is now 28.67 lbs, I guess its better then 28.68. I hope his rotors stay on.

we rode the duck farm, the new duck farm. it was awesome. really nice xc single track. It was kind of a double date with our dogs. Max and Sherpa.

the dogs watching mike shred over one of the bridges.

Sherpa must weigh like 10 lbs. mike is to fat and lazy to carry his own tubes jacket and water so he straps like 20lbs of crap to sherpa. Go Sherpa.

After our duck farm day mike lent me his 29er superfly. I rode it for 3 days. My first time ever on a 29er. IT BLEW MY MIND! I will never ride a 26er again. Its so fast and xc feeling, but you can huck and chuck anything. unreal! its only 100mm of travel but its full dude man! I want to race xc again cause of this bike. Its so fast. It feels like you sit in the bike, not on top of it. 26ers are so 2011.

My 30th birthday ride, Melanie, max, Connor, and Scott. Unreal weather and ride. 30 oh boy, I didn't think I would make it this far, but here I am.

Settlers. Its the rainy season I guess.

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Logan Wetzel said...

Happy dirty thirty Ricky! Settlers rocks. Lets go ride sometime soon!