Monday, July 11, 2011

Win or die trying. BC bike race 2011

Well its all said and done, and I am done! BC bike race is now over and I can do nothing for a while. I'm going to spend some time at the beach getting rid of the wicked farmer tan I got all week. OK so it all started in Cumberland last saturday and finished in the whistler hospital a week later. Marty and I raced really well together all week and were second in almost every stage. we had a couple flat tires and some rough patches but for the most part we really killed it. I had so much fun just shredding all the epic single track all week. I just love bc and everything about it. So much fun.
So I finished day 6, and didn't really treat my body that great. Maybe one to many beer, maybe one to many coffee, maybe one to many a&w mozza burgers, maybe not enough water, maybe 6days of hard racing. But the morning of stage 7 you could find me tossing my cookies on the side of the hwy. But marty and tara figured it would be a great idea if I raced. Thanks guys, Im so happy to have friends like you guys.
Marty placed the beer in my hands, him and Simon were going to dump it in my iv drip. Tara had to stop them. Polish people should not be allowed in a hospital.
The walk of shame. I had to pee in a cup. Taraaaaaaaa!
I just love how marty and tara are killing themselves laughing. thanks guys. Oh I was cold. and found it hard to breathe.
1 min after the race. staying warm in the sun, until the medics came and put an iv in my arm.
Living the dream on the sunshine coast. eating beef jerky infront of the rv while crushing pints in lawn chairs. you know your a red neck when.....
Jacques leg a couple days after stage one.
every day after the race we got a massage. Thank you tara.
getting onto the ferry at powell river.
talk to the hand, neal kinree the squamish wonder child being as social as ever.
winner winner chicken dinner, scott Im sure is texting his wife and telling her about how much fun he is having.
this cant be good for you?
Simon fixed our bikes all week. the guy did an awesome job and wore the same shorts all week. Simon is h&p (huge and powerful)
scott and I unpacking the car before the race.
marty's next door cat. whoever gave this thing a hair cut is my hero.


Karen said...

So good Rick...what a story :)

Jean Ann Berkenpas said...

Epic Ricky. Good luck with those tan lines, and hope to see you out on the trails again soon.