Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Any Given Tuesday

Oh sweet mama! its the last week of movember for me. For the last week Im rocking the "Charlie Chaplin". I cant wait til this week is over. Monday afternoon I was skate skiing at cypress and rocking the stash and I realized half way through my ski I was wearing this nice German national team Jacket I got about 10years ago. I really think I got some strange look thats day. ( much stranger then the looks I normally get) I had a great ski too! The Germans are coming!

So bad, Im sorry.
Any given Tuesday the Abby gators running club came out to Peninsula runners for a run. We did 7.5km in -11c oh so fun! but there was pizza right after. Nice tights Jay, you are looking fine.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Full moon.

this weekends been a good one. Here are some photos.
Full moon sunday Night.
Sunday we toured all day at baker. The conditions were unreal. Did the blueberry shoots all day. I went out with Bret and Nate. They were both on split boards. I was on skis. Nate brought his camera and got a ton of awesome photos like this one of Bret killing it.

Ricky up to his waist in fluffy white.

Nate up the skin track.

Baker parking lot. skinning up.

Driving up to baker in the morning. 55min drive from abby. no big deal.

Ricky stash.

Chris Stash.

Drock stash.

Friday night Nikki organized a pot luck at my house. Nikki: "hey Ricky we are having a pot luck at your place on friday. I'll call a bunch of ppl and invite them over" Ricky:"ok I hope I can make it" it was awesome there was like 10ish ppl that came over and played cranium and ate a bunch of food and played a bunch of guitar. It sure feels like winter. Board games and skiing. yup its winter.

There was like 5 chicks in my kitchen at the same time, it was like a dream. they were all cooking and cleaning. Does it get any better then that? Nikki made these awesome looking enchiladas, then when they poured the cold sauce on the top of the enchiladas, the glass dish they were baked in just blew up all over the kitchen, it was epic. The glass was in everything, the other pan of enchiladas was ruined and so was a tasty looking squash soup. such a disaster eh?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Just got back from any given tuesday. Such a great night! ran up Ledgeview with the crew above. Best ever trail run!


I sure hope it snows soon. this past week was kind of chill. I spent some days nursing a little bit of a sore knee, but I think its all good now. I am now on week 3 of my movember program. just a nice simple stash. its so nice. I played hockey on friday and the sweat and other things that might drip out of the nose get stuck in the stash. Its out of control. I now really have some mad respect for Glen Anderson.

so dirty.
sunday afternoon Myself, B and K and John rocked the teapot challenge.
Ricky 109
Brad 131
Karen 133
John 133
My back is still sore from so much paddling.

This is maybe one of the best things in the word. No joke.

Dawg, Klade, and Jay come over for some roasting marsh mallows. basement camping what!

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Just another week.

Movember week 2.

Just the straight up handle bar.

Sunday Night Hiked up Elk in the dark with Jon and Brody, full snow storm. Yeah hiking at night in the puking snow is often inspired by drinking to much coffee at 5pm. its just so hard to sit still when you live in the best place on earth!

Driving to any given tuesday last week.

Wednesday night ride on sumas. Unreal ride. Awesome stars, awesome dirt, awesome riders. It was like Nov 5th and we were all wearing shorts and shirts and sweating like a dawg. best night ride I have ever done.

Terd ferg gap on vedder sunday afternoon. Photo by Dawg photography.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010


Im going to be rocking a sweet 4 week stash program for November.
It took me a while to grow this animal on my face, oh the itch, oh the heat.

Stash for week one.

other side. nice eh? I wore the sweat band and a valley royals track jacket from 1980 and rocked a 1980 Adidas gym bag to the gym today.
some new friends I met at waves. Toby, Sam, and Max. Max is the boarder collie, cool eh? Toby is the Sheltie and they said toby doesn't listen very well and is kind of slow. I found that kind of interesting.

Jay rolled his ankle on sunday. Check out the purple on his foot! insane.
Then on Tuesday I went Mt biking with a couple of Canada's best road cycling dorks. We rode vedder and went up to hang gliders and it was awesome to get back up there after about 3 years. I really do miss that place.
Will got a flat.
The boys not really wanting to get hurt decided to walk this one. I told em just point it straight and let go of the brakes. Trust me, nothing bad ever happens.

the guys ran out of food and started eating the root of the devils club.

Hey lets drive our 4x4 up as high as we can then make a massive fire and shoot shot guns and drink a ton of beer and toss the the empty cans over the cliff. Whos in? I'll bring the diesel.

This is no bath room sink stash. its the real deal. Hang gliders is so good!