Monday, November 03, 2008

Trick or Treat?

So long time no blog, sorry. This crazy face book thing has been taking up way to much of my computer time. Anyhow Halloween was wicked fun, a bunch of us dressed up and went laser disco bowling and we had a great time. before the bowling we also went trick or treating in north van and I now have a sweet haul of candy! I am going to use the candy I got for making smores for basement camping, just imagine a reese's peanut butter cup smore! oh mama see ta! The next day Marty and I went for a great ride on the shore. Now its pissing rain outside so I think Squash will take up most my week. Oh yeah, work too, I get to drive a tractor most of the week and its going to be unreal! and check out tom skinners blog for a impressive video of me walking the last 12km of the marathon!
from right to left. Cat's pj's, cat woman, drunk pumpkin, pimp, Tink, pete, and crazy Mexican.

This is how peter Pan eats Sushi.

Snoooooooooooop! he is going to drop the bowling ball like its hot.

Pete and Tink. nice hat eh? my mom made it and I took the feathers right out of a chicken.
I think Tink put pixie dust on all the balls she rolled because they were all strikes!

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