Monday, November 06, 2006

good night jug dish

The last week has been very full. Mid week I had to wake up at 6 to do this 2min talk in front of all these honch business guys about my training and racing. Then Saturday I had to wake at like 430 to go to the Haney to Harrison run. It turned out I didn't even end up running I just drove/sat in the car and stayed dry while I watch a bunch of people run in the pissing rain. I drank way to much coffee on a empty stomach then I got a wicked head ache and felt like crap for like 2hrs. One upside from the day was this crazy sweet rainbow, the best one I have ever seen. Then yesterday I had a kayak class at the Cheam center pool and I got to go off the high dive in a kayak. It was unreal. So Kurt and I are just sitting around drinking coffee and talking about the days when you could make money doing sports. So I was talking about the test of metal and making like 1500 two years in a row. The one year I beat Neal Kindree, you remember Neal? So Kurt did this race with 10grand for first place and it was a multi sport event with rock climbers and Kurt was hanging with these honch rock climbers and he was like “ho man you guys are sweet!” that is the quote of the week. Today I drove up the chilliwack river with Connor and there was mad flood going on the bridge is going to be taken out soon and tons of the houses had the river going through them. Me and Kurt did a push up competition this morning and I got up to 10. Thats a pb for me. I also did some handyman work around the house and put in a new mail lock because I lost the key, and then I put in a new faucet with a detachable handle and 2 spray modes, yeah, “ho man this thing is sweet.”

the road is closed
looking down tamihi

doing some plumbing

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Tom said...

ALMOST a good plumbers crack but keep working on it! And did you land your dive in the kayak upright? Or did you have to flip yourself over afterwards?