Sunday, October 29, 2006

Feels like a Arby's night.

So ever since I have been on the bean I have just been getting so much done. This week I did all my normal training and ripped it up. I also hung up this new painting of wine, I fixed a running toilet, made some wicked good feed bags with turkey. Today I got the furnace going. Thats right no furnace till oct 29. we were going to hold off until Kurt gets back some time next week but I just about froze to death so I caved and now I am living the good life. The warm good life. I was at the point of wearing my Russian hat and down jacket inside every morning. "this son of a bitch is ice cold" The best turkey sandwich is very simple to make all you need is two pitas, cranberry sauce, and turkey and then you just go to town. So I got a new project and that is to get Derek drinking coffee. Right now he is on a little bit of coffee with a lot of choc milk program. Next week we are going to up the dose and by Festivus the D man will be hooked and flying. On Thursday James came by with his French press and we had my new French press and we went crazy. I ended up drinking 6cups and was on fire, then I went on this killer ride and tore it a new one. I have been taking pizza with me on rides and its unreal, I put it in a little sandwich bag and then its right next to my body and when its pizza time the pizza is warm and once the cheese was all string like you know? So good to have real food on the bike, forget about it. Well I got to go have a shower, I think coffee gives you BBO. For a better understanding of things you should all check out this link.

new painting on the wall.
Derek coffee day one
Derek coffee day 2 , he will soon be hooked.
good morning
keeping warm, I got the hat from my friend Bob Sackamano


bevis said...

so I was on a long ride today in my new fantastic spandex in the -47 degree weather, still a little wasted cause we partied like it was 1963 on the weekend, and as usual my mind just spaces off into nowhere and I think of the stupidest things about nothing cause of my extreme ADHD. I came up with an idea for you to combine your 2 favorite things together and open a coffee shop devoted intirely towards seinfeld. and on the menu you'd have the jerry Java, the cosmo cappuccino, the mordy mocha,........ i thought of a thousand of these..... the uncle Leo latte, the david puddy pekoe, the crazy Joe devolia Java, the George can't-stand-ya cappuccino, the Festivus frappuccino, the kibosh capp, and the newmen (water and coffee flavored slim-fast). and the $5 bottomless latte called the "don't tell me i've had too many lattes, i can have as many lattes as i want it says right here in my contract, you want a latte jerry, i can get you a latte"

BV Camps said...

dude, you better be careful or you will end up like me! since you are now on the bean I have found something that would BLOW i mean BLOW your mind. it is from ITALY the land of amazing brew. It is called pocket coffee! imagine a succulent chocalte filled with the best shot of esspreso you have ever had. 2 of these babies and you will put in your best TT result ever gaurenteed.