Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Little Elbie

November 8/2014 We welcomed Elbie Joanne Federau to the world. Elbie came 3 weeks early at 6.0lbs. Shes the cutest little thing ever.

The story how we got her name is kind of funny. When Elbie was inside of Melanie and moving around and such we would feel her and call her little buddy. I would say "oh hi little buddy, I can feel you" Little buddy, like we call max our dog. Mel responded "we need to find a name, we cant call her little buddy" then I had a moment of genius "oh ok, we'll just call her little buddies initials L.B., oh wait that's not bad, LB, like Elbie." Mel, "that's not bad, I like it".........

Elbie will be 7 weeks this coming Saturday and its been so much fun watching her grow. She must weigh like 9 pounds now. At one month she was 8.2lbs. She just eats, sleeps, poos, and has moments of greatness every day.

Here is a random selection of photos from the last seven weeks.     
Mohawk from last week.

2 days old going for a car ride

hanging out on the couch

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