Friday, September 27, 2013

Summer time is over now

Its been a wild and busy summer. The best summer ever! But now fall is here and its time to sit in front of the fire and relax a bit. I figured I should update this thing so that the 4 people that read it have some entertainment. 

I guess the biggest news ever is that I got married last weekend. I didn't think I would ever find someone to put up with me but I found the best woman ever and Im so excited for a life time of fun times together. Mel is even moving to Chilliwack and getting out of the big city. Bye bye traffic, over priced housing, and keeping up with the Jones. Hello hero dirt, epic mountains and living the dream! Its gonna be awesome! 
Me and Mel. We look good eh.

rode my bike up like withe the little black guy

Took Kevin Calhoun on the vedder mountain epic, here he is at the top of hang gliders. 

Mels Family is from North Bay Ontario. We had an awesome week up there hanging out by the lake. I ate a ton of cheese and drank lots of beer. Mel made this awesome pie. 

Getting ready for the wedding was a ton of work. I used my chainsaw to make a lot of the wedding decorations and some little side projects along the way, this is my little bench. 

Morning walks with Max

every 2 years the pink salmon run up the Chilliwack river. I like to catch as many as possible and smoke them. Then freeze them in a sealed pack and eat them all winter long. 

Max eating the good stuff. Mel got an HR job working for Petcurean. They make good dog food. Max really likes her new job. Nothing but the best for the little guy.

Making signs for the wedding I was smashing 2 hammers together taking apart this pallet and one shard went right into my arm, right into the vain, serious. good thing I was wearing ski goggles. 

for my stag the boys took me up to rossland. We made a serious fruit stop in Keremeos. 

we rode bike, drank beer and slept, was a great trip. It pissed rain on 7 summits but the dirt was awesome!

salmon. I can leave my house and be back with 2 fish in under an hour. 

we got married in my dads shop. it was kinda cool. 

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