Friday, June 14, 2013

One Hander?

Last weekend was the Red Bull Divide and Conquer race in North Vancouver. Its consists of trail runner, mt biker and white water kayaker. This year we put together a ringer team and had our eyes set on defending our title from last year, but it was not meant to be. Joren Titus would be doing the running, I would be doing the mt bike leg, and Toby Roessingh was to paddle down the river. 
Team the full dude men pulled out all the stops this year and got a sweet team car with sponsors and the full 8 yards. Clearbrook Coffee Company kept us toped up with some awesome brew and Mt Waddingtons Outdoors kept us looking good. For me its really fun representing two really local awesome businesses that I believe in.
The race went off with a bang and Joren Crushed the run! 5min up on the next guy. Things were going great until I carried a bit to much speed down Baden Powell and crashed my brains out. I fell really had on my hand and ended up off the podium and in the hospital with a dislocated bone in my hand. Im gonna be out of action for a good month now. I guess it was bound to happen at some point. I've been riding hard for over 15 years now and have had nothing major happen. So I guess I was due at some point. Maybe time to back it off a bit?

before crashing and burning
For our team car we took my old Tercel wagon and spray bombed it black. Clearbrook Coffee Co and Mt Waddingtons stuck some pro looking decals on and bam! full NASCAR. The Tercel has been sitting a couple months over at CCC headquarters and none of the doors worked very well, getting in and out was a bit of a pain.
team car

Joren came through with a 5min lead, just crushed it. Then they left it with me to mess up, sorry boys.
Joren post hand off
win or hospital? Lions Gate is the nicest hospital I've ever been to. they got me in very quick and helped fix me up really fast, the Doc put my hand back in with no pain what so ever. They thought they might have to do some surgery but  turns out its all good to heal up. 
High as a kite. its my left hand, its like a little club now.
Huge props to the North Van RCMP team of Dave Vunic, Connor, and Michel Simpson. They raced a smart race and came home with the cake. 
Connor refunding his chocolate milk. 

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seanverret said...

Tough luck on the hand Ricky! Since you took the better third of our team away from us and we weren't racing I was cheering for you guys! Take care and we'll see you back on the bike soon!