Saturday, April 13, 2013

Crushing it, killing it, all time conditions.

Its been a very busy last couple months. Ski season is nearing its end and bike season is getting very good right now. I've just been living the dream of working part time and doing a lot of fun stuff the other part time. I picked up this sweet job doing building maintenance for a retirement home in Chilliwack. I got a bunch of sweet tools and I fix broken things in the building, its really fun and exciting, as lame as it sounds I really enjoy working. I work mon-fri 8-noon, so there is plenty of time to live the dream. Vedder mountain has been blowing my mind, playing squash with Jon Allen, mexican night at the jolly miller, hanging out with Mel and I even got a new car! next post will be on the car thing, stay tuned. 
Every mans dream. feet up, drinking coffee while the wife runs a vacuum.
went to Ikea for breakfast, all this for 5.50. Bam!!!
This one is good! Chris, Melanie and I did this rad Squamish ride and then we went to this place in Brackendale called the Red Bench. They have this meal called "the stack". Its 3 massive pancakes with layers of eggs, bacon, apples and walnuts. Chris took all these photos cause he didn't think I was man(dumb) enough to eat the entire thing.
bottom of the duck farm loop. My new favorite ride is to climb up the new duck farm to the ring road. Turn right and climb all the way to hang gliders point. It takes an hour to do the climb and its pure savage!
Top of hang gliders. I have found an all single track route from the top of hang gliders to Cultus Lake. It blew my mind when I was able to link it all up.
McDonald's knows whats up.

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