Monday, February 25, 2013

Getting Wild.

It was a wild weekend with the aftermath of the the Brian Waddington hut trip hitting the web. Im not gonna say much but you should check out the web site and this trip report (be sure to read the comments). Then you can get the real story as told by Toby on the

Besides puke hitting the fan we had a great weekend skiing 50cm fresh snow. Saturday we went up Needle trees with the high Avi danger, as did a whack load of others. It looked like cypress on a Saturday afternoon with all the people. So that left us thinking for Sunday and we decided to hit a little secret spot at the coq. We had it all to ourselves and it was deep and awesome. We didn't see any others. It was nice to be in the mountains and have a day with "such a deep meaning".
Nate Dawg loving the pow and lack of people.

and the meat hucking. 

we had a bomber skin track.

by the time we left it was skied out, by us. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Waddington Hut Trip

This past weekend we went up to the Brian Waddington hut. Its an unreal area with tons of ski options and the skiing was unreal. We brought in a 140l duffel bag on a sled that I built. In the duffel we had pizza, beer, other gourmet food, car camping sleeping goods and a propane tank and heater. We skied awesome terrain, ate some good food and even got puked on. 
All you really need for a good hut trip. 

pizza, beer, and 140l worth of heat
it was a bit of a haul with 15km and 800m elevation gain. My guess is the sled weighed 70lbs

it might have been the hardest thing I have ever done. 

so I got the wife to take over. 
after 6hr 20min we made it to the hut. 

the hut was packed. A lot of people who didn't register. 

but at least there was heat in the hut.

dry out your feet and boot liners.

re-heat some pizza.

and drink your coffee in style.

dont look at me.
kanga going for it. 
skinning up through pillow town. 

hucking meat. 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Rogers Pass.

A couple weeks ago I went to Rogers Pass to hang out with some Quebes. Mat Toulouse was working in Vernon for a month and had some free time so we meet up with Martin Lafontaine and Sophie-Anne Blanchette from Golden and got things done. The first day we skied right behind the the old lodge and up Connaught Creek up to Ursus Minor area. We found some great snow and did a bunch of 300m laps in the trees. After crashing in Golden for the night we were back at the pass and headed up Loop Brook to ski some awesome runs loaded with pillows. We did a huge day and then I drove home and got home at midnight. I was sick in bed for three days after.
Martin's pants were so bright it affected the light in this photo I think. 

great snow up Connaught.

top of the Bonney Moraines. 

Mat killing it.

drop it like its hot.


you go first?