Monday, March 26, 2012


Just got back from five days in Rossland. It was unreal! I think its maybe the best place on earth. No joke!  we had awesome snow everyday. No traffic lights. and we had about 20 mountains you can ski 5min drive from town. Melanie and I drove the trusty tercel out and stopped at manning park on the way out. We did a bunch of laps of mt Kelly before the snow turned to soft serve but the first couple laps were deep and fluffy. Then in Rossland we skied Mt Lepsoe, Mt Kirkup, mt Plewman, and then on the last day we skied mt Elgood. Melanie grew up in North Bay Ontario and went to High school with Steve Omischl, so we hooked up with him for a couple laps. What a great trip, enjoy the photos.
Melanie Vonpowder

skining up with the manning park works yard in the background. 

Mt Kelly was oh so good! 

in yo face!

first morning in Rossland we woke to this on the car. so we were off to the Nancy Greene  summit to see what we could find. 

this is also the very same parking lot for the 7 summits mt bike trail. 

skin up

there are all kinds of these little huts all over. this one was the sunspot hut. 

found this in the hut. very funny. 

von, you missed the pillow huck off to your right. 

more skin. 

dont touch the remote, you might get sick. 

the next day we headed up the old glory trail but then headed up mt Kirkup. I thought it was the best day of the trip. the snow was deep and the sun was out. The sun was making the hoar frost glimmer much like it does in North Bay. 

check out the cougar tracks in the skin track. oh so bad. 

up on kirk up. 

the top couple hundred meters were really nice open glades, we were the first ones up there that day. The total run back to the car was 680m, it was a real leg burner. 

Mel on top of the world. 

Not a bad start to the day. 

yes deep!

for the last run of the day we randomly ran into Steve O, James Minifie a honch rando racer, and a dude man from Colorado named Jason. we met the them at the top of Kirkup and then we all just killed the down. It was a full dude man run for sure.

Next day we went up Plewman, I only have this photo. It was a good one but  things were starting to warm up. we still found the goods but had to look to north facing or shaded areas. 

we did a saturday afternoon drive around rossland looking for a house to buy and ran into these little guys running around the streets. Etsell, can you maybe catch those turkeys?

Last day was a half day cause we also did the 7hr drive back to the traffic light infested fraser valley. we skied Mt Elgood with Steve and James. snow was good at the top then soon turned to tree bombs and mush at the bottom, but a fun day for sure.


Mel, James, and Steveo on the summit of mt Elgood. 

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