Sunday, June 12, 2011

Best weekend ever!

You just got to love skiing in june! Matt Toulouse came for a visit and brought his skis and an A attitude. I picked Matt up at the vancouver airport then Marty came over to the farm and with no planing at all we went to give Mt Rainer a shot. We made it no problem, it was over 2 days and we camped at almost 10000ft. then the next day went right to the top its like 1400o something feet above sea level and made moving a little hard. So Friday mt Rainer, and today we skied right off the summit of mt baker. Its been a great weekend so far and we are thinking of doing one more volcano ski before Mat goes home. I put this photo in here for a couple reasons, one marty is behind me, two look how dry and green everything is. Oh we live in the best place ever! now check out some white things.
Mt rainer, uh yeah G3, my skins are brown and they dont work that great anymore. what up?
The boys charging hard at 10000, thats mt rainer off to the left.
GQ cover boy Marty Lazarski! us at camp.
the top in meters. thats a big one. highest I've ever been on land. Mt Rainer tick!
huge decent.
such unreal weather!
Post ski: beer, potato chips and flip flops, and marty texting his wife to tell her that Ricky didn't kill us.
Matt and mt baker. another blue bird day. who says it rains out here anyhow?
triangle bun break.
Matt almost at the top full boot pack on the roman wall.
summit shot. baker tick! the canucks better win tomorrow cause this animal thats growing on my face is such a pain.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

busy busy busy.

So I got home from Quebec and decided to skip out on the nimby 50 cause I was just worked from working. I did however race the ski to sea at mt baker with the Clipper Canoe team. We had a great team and finished 7th over all. I was very happy with my ride of the "mt bike" leg. it was mostly road and gravel paths. I was so glad I had that 120mm fork for those road sections. Then I went riding and climbing in Squamish with the wonder child Neal Kindree. Last weekend was the North Shore Bike Fest. 3 races, Friday night, 10min tt. Saturday morning, 2hr cross country. Sunday morning, 23min super D. So Marty won the tt and I was second. I won the XC and marty was second. Marty got 3rd in the Super D and I flatted. So marty won the king of the shore, and I did the drive of shame back to the valley.

Marty and I in the XC. We just crushed it. It was really great practice for BC bike race at the beginning of July. We rode together all day and then I dropped it like it was hot on the last climb of the day and took the win.
xc results:
Jordan surfing at the pointa vista wave.

Climbing with Neal. I think I might be pooing my pants in this shot. Oh I hate climbing. hurts so good.