Friday, February 18, 2011

Mt bike ride in Feb? really? yeah!

So I just got back from a 5hr mt bike ride on all my favorite abbotsford trails. I took the local ride guys from Maple Ditch out for a ride. Oh so good! after the ride we hit some schnitzel. now Im in the body bag.

Riding at Ledgeview!
Sandra on Holiday sauce! sweet photo eh?
Yes it is true. Flat bars still do exist. Jean-Ann and mike. they come in carbon too!
got to love abbotsford! I know its abbotsford cause they cant really spell.
Local ride crew. thanks for the awesome day you guys!


Anonymous said...

Great pics man, you gotta love living in the Fraser Valley!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ricky for the super-awesome-cool, best-ever trails! Fresh tracks in the pow, yo! You really showed us how to send it!