Monday, February 18, 2008

New rides

This is what I am going to be riding for 2008. Thanks to Wenting bike shop and for making these bikes happen. I was out on the road bike yesterday and its sweet, I rode in the columbia valley and the roads there are so bumpy and the bike was so smooth. I am going to ride the mt bike later today, I will let you all know how it goes. The mt bike was 22lbs/10kg right out of box. training is going very well, last week was sweet! I got in 14hrs on the bike and 14 on skate skis, plus I got to ski in canmore!
Road bike
Mt bike.
Mts on a unreal day.

I did some side walk chalk the other day. I am picky, Kurt is C-dawg, and Kristen is dizzle
We made a campsite in my basement. I took and ripped a toaster apart and put some rocks around it and we roast marsh mallows over it, its kind of a fire hazzard but we un plug it at night. We tryed to make banana boats in it but its not that hot and so we just made the banana boats in the oven. Mmm banana boats. But with this photo it looks like they were made in the "fire" no?
camping is so fun! you see the tree beside C-dawg? his name is Howard, he makes the campsite feel complete
My car got a hole in the exhaust pipe, it was kind of fun at first with the rice rocket sound and all but I was starting to have some hearing problems so I brought it over to my parents to see what my dad could do. My Cadilac converter was kind of rusted off so the neighbor just welded a pipe on there. So now my car can not be converted into a cadilac. PS note the plumber pants my Dad is rocking, and the tree stumps under the wheels. My car now is running wicked.
The ride.


Mike said...

I have a question. And it's a serious one. It's sounds like you have no job other than to be an elite MTB racer. How do you eat / pay the rent / live, when you don't work?
Do your parents help you out?
I envy your life, it sounds like you're having a good time. Enjoy it because when you get older you will have less time to do the things you love.

ICBC said...

Hello Mr Federau,

This is your local ICBC agent. We noticed that you have removed your catalytic converter. This is a violation of B.C.'s Air Pollutants Act. We suggest you repair this problem ASAP and report to your local ICBC office within 2 weeks to re-certify your vehicle.

P.S. Next time, do not advertise such violations On-line!

Tom said...

Ricky! Don't listen to Mike hating on you like that. Live the dream! He's just bitter because he has a wife and can't watch TV while he eats dinner because he has to talk about his day.

Jon said...

Don't listen to ICBC either they don't understand the difference between the cadilac converter and a catalytic converter. It's ok that your no longer driving a Caddy.