Friday, February 09, 2007

"No he's the loser to the victor goes the spoils"

Sorry for the delay in my blog action. I am pulling a full Holroyd and I am sorry. So the last month has been great. Training is going wicked good, I had the best road ride of my life last week. I went up to the top of mt baker and the road was dry and there was like 20foot walls of snow on the sides of the road the whole way up, it was unreal. I have been putting coffee in my oatmeal, and its sweet. Its not “drinking” coffee so really I think its fine. Yesterday I had a crazy day. I went Kayaking down the Chilliwack river from Vedder crossing to Lickman rd. I went with Marion and she showed me how it was done. She tore me a new one! I rolled 2 times the first time was a bit sketchy because my hand fell off the paddle and I still got up. The river is cold just in case you are wondering. I cant wait to do it again. Then since we got all these skis messing up the garage I wanted to make a ski rack. So I planed a “redneck” party. So Chris and I went and picked up some 2x4s and Beer then Kristin came over with her tools and Pizza and safety gear. And Jeff came with a bunch of his tools and we went at it. The end result is a wicked ski rack and a bunch yo mama jokes while we ate pizza and drank beer and stood around watching others do work, you know full union/government style. Here are some photos.


Anonymous said...

I like the one where you guys are drinking beer and I'm the only one working in the background..

Anonymous said...

Nice rack

Connor said...

who is that BABE that is doing all the work?? Damn, you need to introduce me man!

Tom said...

"Jerry! You ratted me out!?!"

"Hello Uncle Leo?"