Monday, February 19, 2007

I'm a day person.

OK, so I just had the best weekend ever. The week was good to. On Wednesday I went for a swim in the Chilliwack river, did yoga, tore Toby a new one playing Squash, rode my bike a bunch, it was a solid week. But now for the weekend. I went down to the Cedar river near Seattle Washington with Kyle, Craig and Toby. We drove down in Kyle's new car that was packed with Boats on the roof and my mt bike and all our gear in the trunk. We left Chilliwack at 630am on Friday morning and we were paddling on the cedar river by 1015. I paddled with the guys for a while then by 1215 I was on my bike. I did this sweet ride on these “closed for the season” trails on Tiger mt. By the time I got back to where we were staying it was pitch black dark and I had been on my bike for almost 6hrs. Then we ate some Lassonga at Marian's and then I was kind of still hungry so we hit up this sweet Mexican place for a burrito. Then if was off to Dave Z's house to spend the night. Dave's place is sweeeeeet. There is a hot tub with a river 10ft away. So we jumped in the hot tub then jumped in the river. River was cold. Hot tub was hot. Felt so good. Then we passed out. Woke up Saturday and went for greasy spoon breakfast then I was on my bike by 845 did a 6hr ride and went up the Snowqualime pass till there was to much snow then went to the Snowqualmie falls and then some stuff on tiger mt. Tiger mt it tight, its tight like a...... OH. Then by like 3pm I was paddling with the boys again. I even ran down the whole course, well kind of, I missed the lines and went over a bunch of rocks, it was wicked, good thing I got a plastic boat. My kayaking skills made some mad gains this weekend. I am taking some rest now my body has that just being hit by a Mac truck feeling, so its full chill. later

Load it up Craiger, its going to be sweet
Stuffed in the Grand AM
Loving the Hot tub
river is Cold
we own the parking lot at the Cedar river

The Cedar river course
the drive home

Friday, February 09, 2007

"No he's the loser to the victor goes the spoils"

Sorry for the delay in my blog action. I am pulling a full Holroyd and I am sorry. So the last month has been great. Training is going wicked good, I had the best road ride of my life last week. I went up to the top of mt baker and the road was dry and there was like 20foot walls of snow on the sides of the road the whole way up, it was unreal. I have been putting coffee in my oatmeal, and its sweet. Its not “drinking” coffee so really I think its fine. Yesterday I had a crazy day. I went Kayaking down the Chilliwack river from Vedder crossing to Lickman rd. I went with Marion and she showed me how it was done. She tore me a new one! I rolled 2 times the first time was a bit sketchy because my hand fell off the paddle and I still got up. The river is cold just in case you are wondering. I cant wait to do it again. Then since we got all these skis messing up the garage I wanted to make a ski rack. So I planed a “redneck” party. So Chris and I went and picked up some 2x4s and Beer then Kristin came over with her tools and Pizza and safety gear. And Jeff came with a bunch of his tools and we went at it. The end result is a wicked ski rack and a bunch yo mama jokes while we ate pizza and drank beer and stood around watching others do work, you know full union/government style. Here are some photos.