Saturday, December 02, 2006

Snow Man!

Ok the last week has been just nuts. Tons of snow. No bike riding. So it pissed snow on last Sunday and Monday there was no way I was riding my bike outdoors so I instead of looking at the wall and riding the rollers I strapped skis and snow shoes to my back and started hitch hiking up Chilliwack lake road some dude dropped me off up valley and I put the snowshoes on and went up the old logging road with knee-waist deep powder for 2.5hrs and then I skied down. Then I went again with Toby on Wednesday and did the same thing all over again, then I got this sweet overuse injury due to the snowshoeing. And I chilled hard on Friday. Then today I hit the gym and this is the note that was on the counter, then I went out and checked out the garage. And I got some new runners as well, my old ones lasted me for 6years so it was high time


Connor said...

That Nikki note is of the HIGHEST entertainment value ever! I love you nikki!

Anonymous said...

nice parking job......costanza!

Tom said...

Oh man that is classic. I love the Canadian Cooler as well aka the beer in the snow.