Saturday, December 30, 2006

Warning: Don't eat Marlin Burritos in Mexico

So its been a while, well I went to Puerto Vallarta Mexico for a week and had some good times, got some sun and ate some really good taco's. The grandparents took the whole family to a all inclusive resort for a week, there was like 23 of my aunts, uncles, and cousins. For me the trip was wicked but there was 2 highlights; first off was this thing called the outdoor challenge. I got together with 6 of my relatives who don't ever have any outdoor adventures and we jump in a boat for 20min and go across the bay then 4x4 up the mt in a uni mog for like 20-30min. Then a 20min mule ride up the mt. Then started the real fun, we did 7 zip lines in the jungle and then we did 3 repels down water falls. Then we took the uni mog and the boat back. It was so fun everyone was so excited and wiped out. So we needed a couple days to recover then I got together with my old man and some of my uncles and we rented scooters and cruised the Mexican slums. Well these scooters were so hurting, all dinged up and running like crap. So I hop on my scooter and go around the corner and there is this curb thing and I go and get air off it then I land on this slick coble street and fully crash, it was sweet I was only on it for like 30sec and I was all ready laying on the ground, good thing these things looked like crap because it was on my visa and you couldn't even tell it was crashed. The first thing my dad says after I go down is “what an idiot” Then we rode for 20min or so and one of my uncles went down to. “Jimmy's down”. It was like 30c everyday, and on the last day I went and got a Marlin Burrito from this very sketchy Mexican place, I should know better but it might have been the best Burrito ever. Things have not been all that solid since I got home, if you know what I mean. I guess thats the price you pay for a eating a good burrito. I must be an idiot. Here are some photos.
Zip line tour.
The Whole fam damily.

Scooter battle wounds
this aint no taco bell, its the real deal
Look out mexico here we come

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Snow Man!

Ok the last week has been just nuts. Tons of snow. No bike riding. So it pissed snow on last Sunday and Monday there was no way I was riding my bike outdoors so I instead of looking at the wall and riding the rollers I strapped skis and snow shoes to my back and started hitch hiking up Chilliwack lake road some dude dropped me off up valley and I put the snowshoes on and went up the old logging road with knee-waist deep powder for 2.5hrs and then I skied down. Then I went again with Toby on Wednesday and did the same thing all over again, then I got this sweet overuse injury due to the snowshoeing. And I chilled hard on Friday. Then today I hit the gym and this is the note that was on the counter, then I went out and checked out the garage. And I got some new runners as well, my old ones lasted me for 6years so it was high time