Monday, August 01, 2005

very nice and good

Well its been a crazy week. The weather has been wicked, like 25c and hotter every day. I rode baker a couple times one time solo and one time with Jeff Bandura, Rick Rodland and Jerald Sawatzky. I also went fishing on Friday and the sockeye season is not open yet so you can only keep Springs. I went with my Grandpa, my Dad, and my Bro. I was the only one that caught anything, and it was a sockeye. I lost my gear on the bottom of the river twice and then I just chilled and got a wicked redneck tan.

The elbow is healing up very nicely I got the stitches out on Saturday morning, so it was one day short of two weeks with them in. Now I find myself picking at it because its so freaking itchy. So I figured since I have both scooters I should race them, now the old Honda has more kick off the line but the Yamaha has more top end speed and fully wins on the quarter mile. That’s my cousin on the other scooter, he’s 15 and about the same kilos as me, so it would be fair test. Note the sock tan.

Speaking of miles, I am fully going into metric mode, I am taking out miles, feet, inches, lbs. And will be using KM, meters, centimeters, and Kilos. So if you mention standard measurements I will correct you. There is just no need for 2 systems, its starting to piss me off. So I finally found Liberty yogurt in the store, so I picked up the maple flavor and its insane, and yes those are fresh blueberries. Oh Mama thats a good combo. I have not raced in 2week but this next weekend I am going to Fernie for the canada cup. I am looking forward to racing, it will wicked. Later

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