Monday, July 25, 2005

slow ride

So the elbow is healing up, I was supposed to get the stitches out today but the doctor wants to leave them in for couple more days. . So I went riding with Trish Sinclair yesterday and we did the baker ride and it was solid, the whole road up the climb was freshly paved and it was sure nice, the way down was insanely fast, I craped my chamois several times. I also developed tendonitis in my wrist. The weather is wicked to, like 25 and very sunny and the full on Fraser valley smog has not set in just yet but in like 3days I wont be able to breathe, ah it will be good altitude training for the world championship. Check out the photo of Trish and her sweet ride I think Trish is oh around 65years old, cause that’s how old you have to be to drive that thing right? Oh sweet grandma car. Got my drug test back today and I have the Hemaocrit of a week women, but what can you do, its always like that. I upgraded my scooter situation a couple weeks a go this new one just rips. Watched Family guy yesterday, how about the monkey smoking dope and listening to “slow ride take it easy” oh classic.

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