Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Rickys Down!

So I just got back form Idaho NORBA I raced the XC on Saturday and things went alright but not good. I raced the first lap, made it up to 7th then I had some chain problems and had to stop and fix it then when I was stopped I got real cold and could not get it going again. Finished up in 19th. Sunday I raced the short track for 5 seconds and touched wheels with some guy and went down hard on my elbow then slid on my elbow on gravel road and it hurt like a monkey then I went to the hospital in Sandpoint and they put me on morphine with IV and then took X-rays and then cleaned the cut and then put 7 stitches in and then ran antibiotics through the IV then sent me home and today I am supper stiff all over and feel demented from the IV stuff. Got some road (gravel)rash on my shoulder, ribs, hip, and knee. Oh I feel like crap. The pain is crazy, last night I got no sleep, “I am running on NO sleep, and the red light is burring my brain” “Kenny” Then this afternoon this guy from the CCES came to my door and I had to pee in a cup and fill out all this paper work. Good timing eh? “uh you tested positive for morphine” this is going to be a night mare. And I am working on the insurance thing. There is no way I am doing Aspen I am down for at least 2 weeks of no racing. But then I should be good. I am going to see my family doctor tomorrow. They want me to go on more antibiotics but I don’t want to, they mess you up for long time. But hey its good to be at home my mom is taking good care of me. Did you hear about the Aussies that got hit in Germany? that’s not good. Right now I am down but, things could be a whole lot worse. I hope to be on fire for worlds and I might do fernie #2, but right now I just got to make sure this elbow does not get infected. No broken bones or chips and no other big damage just cut up and scraped up and real sore but OK. But its good to chill, I got the season 3 of Seinfeld on DVD and I am working on it. The tour this morning, just wicked. Later

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