Friday, July 26, 2013

A Day in Rossland

Last weekend Nate Dawg and I traveled to Rossland for a single day with the goal to ride seven summits. We left Chilliwack on Saturday at 4pm. We rolled up to the Nancy Green Summit at 10pm. Toby also drove in from Calgary and beat us there and set up camp. We went to sleep after each eating 3lbs of blueberries.  
The Dream. 

this is kinda a cool photo I think
In the morning we cooked up some food and wheels rolling by 730. Seven summits is one of my favorite trails on the planet. Its kinda got it all, pure single track and almost all in the alpine. I just love it out in Rossland.  
The crew. Let the good times roll. 

Nate at the start. 
The start of Seven Summits has a big climb that brings you from 1600m all the way up to over 2200m. Somehow we managed to loose Toby I thought he was in front of us. Toby thought we were behind him. I ended up riding the 2/4 of the route twice. Toby ended up riding the 1/4 twice. We wasted about 3hrs and tons of matches in the process. Good times. We found each other and turned out to be one of the best rides ever.   
Nate at the summit of mt Elgood. 

Toby as good as it gets

coffee doesn't sell its self. 
 Cause we are dumb and didn't shuttle a car we had to ride back up to town. It was 38c and you could have cooked eggs on the pavement. The last climb up to the pub was the hardest thing I've ever done. That beer was unreal!
Toby after loosing whatever brain cells he has. When a human being is in this state he only knows two words, cold and beer. 

the last Rossland

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Long Hot Weekend

Happy Canada Day! Over the long weekend we rode bikes in the hot hot heat. Squamish Saturday, Whistler Sunday, and Abbotsford Monday. Its the first weekend I've been able to do what I wanted with my hand. It was a total of 3 weeks with no mt biking and its so good to be back. You really take for granted riding in full idiot mode before you take a digger. I just rode part idiot mode on the weekend cause a bad crash on my hand would just delay full idiot mode longer.

driving up to whistler we saw "that guy". this is one of the best I've ever seen. 

Lunch stop on Comfortably Numb in Whistler. 

Mel coming down CN

Nice views up top. 

Canada Day Ride with the Valley crew.