Sunday, May 26, 2013

Nimby 50

Just did the Nimby 50 race in Pemberton yesterday. Woke up to pissing rain in the lower mainland but as we got closer to Pemberton the sun was out and the weather was as good as it gets for racing bikes. The Nimby 50 course is one of the best race courses I've ever done! Its real mt biking at its finest. Big climbs, big descents, technical parts, fitness parts, and bears to avoid hitting. Plus post race you get an unreal burger and beer. Best Race Ever!

This is the second year I've done the Nimby, I came back this year cause its so much fun! This year I ended up 3rd, I dont know how or where I pulled it out from, but I'll take it. The course suits me really well being from Chilliwack, we have a lot of steep ups and downs to practice on. Neal Kindree won the race and really stepped on everyone's balls, Kris Sneddon was 2nd after flatting and fixing it. I was right on Kris' wheel with 3k to go but he has about 500 more horse power then me so that was that. Cory Wallace and Quinn Moberg were 4th and 5th. Results here

In the womens race Mical Dyck really crushed everyone and finish 1st. But the really big news is that Melanie Vaughan finished first in the 30-35 age group. It was a 3peat for Vaughan in her age group but she also finished 5th overall. When asked about her performance she gave much credit to her coach. "working 9-5 mon-fri doesn't give me much time to train. My coach is one really smart guy who knows his stuff, with minimal time training I was able to crush it on race day"
Mel on top, age group crushing!

Team kit, its fulldude man style. This year I'll be supporting a couple of friends who have really awesome business in the fraser valley. Clearbrook Coffee Company is out of Abbotsford and is your local roaster, fresh is best when it come to coffee. Mt Waddingtons outdoors is a brand new outdoor shop right next door to me. They sell sweet gear and share in my thinking that Chilliwack has the best Mt playground in the world.  
We got sweet trucker/thug hats. Papa Johns pizza is also the perfect pre race food.

on the pod, looks like Neal has food money for another year.


Sunday, May 05, 2013

Best Car Ever!

In January of 2009 I saw the coolest car ever parked at the Callaghan Nordic Centre. So I found the guy who owned it and told him it was my dream car, he told me I had some funny dreams. Well in this case dreams do come true and I ended up buying the car off him a couple of months later. When I got the the car in April of 2009 it had 160000km and had no dents in the hood or holes in the windshield. I felt like such a bad ass with a 4wd car. The dream car now has 290000km, the windshield looks like a road map, if you want to drive the car in any other season besides winter you must crank the heat so the motor doesn't overheat, the muffler fell off on the hwy at 110kph, the back hatch doesn't lock, and if I power wash it little pieces of the car fall off with all the rust. Over the last 4 years the car has been too so many places, so many adventures, so many powder days, so many brown claws, so many hero dirt days, and so much dog drool on the back windows. The car is not dead yet but I have succumb to the pressures of modern society and bought a car with no rust, ac, cruise control, power windows, and it even has muffler. It almost looks like Im mid pack in the rat race now. More to come on the new car soon. But for now you can enjoy the memories that the terc made. It will be back on the road soon as the "full dudemen" team car. so stay tuned.     
This was taken the day after I got the Tercel. Looks mint eh? Check out that bike, back in the day we used to ride bikes with 26inch wheel, ha what were we thinking. Plus it was a hard tail, crazy!

The tercel was a great grocery getter, this was a costco shop before I went to bcbr.

I got a flat on the way to Squamish once.

Mel picking powder out of her ears before she gets into the dream wagon.

Bros gone wild on the way to rogers pass, this trip was epic! We had two roof boxs on the car and about 20 pairs of skis in them. Car made it to rogers pass and back with no problems.

Queb ski at the duffey.

powder day in Rossland.

car got stuck in Golden and we used ski skins to get it out. Boss!

skiing with honch dudes in Rossland.

One of many trips up cheam to the snow line

brown claw on the ferry, heading over to skook.

I put in this pimp aftermarket centre console,

making our own road

Salmo coffee.

Vedder sucks, tell your friends.