Monday, April 23, 2012

Bike Season!

Bike season is fully underway. Its been April 1st since I've skied and Im not really missing it all that much. The trails have been just awesome, and riding a bike is so fun. I got my new bike the Trek Superfly 100 and its everything I've ever dreamed of and yes its a 29er. The guys over at Corsa Cycles in Squamish have been helping me out with it and its been great! The bike rides like a dream and is a trail mulching machine! I made a couple changes to it like a dropper post, big tires, Mavic crossmax wheels, and race face carbon cranks. The thing is like 25lbs and it climbs like a goat and descends just as nice as my big bike. Its like dude man meets xc racer guy. Living the dream!
sweet! this is my steed, it goes fast, I like. 

rode like a hack on one ride. 

went to squamish and rode with Neal Kindree the wonder child. 

I did a FVMBA spring series final race last weekend. It was a ton of fun! It was a super D but it was really more like  25min xc that was kinda down. Kevin Calhoun was 3rd, Chris Johnston was 2nd, and I got the big win. Arthur Gaillot was also there but crashed out, so there was some top dogs in the field for sure.
Kevin Calhoun was 3rd and only lost to 2nd place Chris Johnston by 1 second. as you can see in this photo Kev's seat is jacked up. 

This is Chris, as you can see his seat is low. Thats got to be worth at least 1 sec. Kev you need a dropper I think?

Ricky on the Noah Fear 

Monday, April 09, 2012

Spring Time

Spring time in the Fraser Valley is my favorite! One weekend your getting face shots in the pow pow the next weekend your slaying hero dirt! I also got a new bike. Its the best bike I've ever been on. stay tuned for a bike update. Im doing the first bike race of the year this coming sunday. So excited.
getting the goods in the Baker backcounty. 

Max and Melanie riding the new part of the peels. Its funny when you cut down a bunch of trees you get this awesome view. Logging sucks, but we all need wood and the view is nice, right?