Friday, December 16, 2011

Polish Wedding in Hawaii.

Went to Hawaii last week. Was an awesome trip! Did awesome stuff everyday and even got to watch Marty and Tara tie the knot. Oh the good times.

Marty's Dad Marek Smoking away in the coffee Plantation. 

drinking some coffee from the plantation. So good.
this is a close up of the coffee plant. its gonna grow some soon. 
Cliff jump at black rock. Thats me just sending it.

black sand beach on the drive to Hana. 

the black sand was almost like walking through coffee grinds

crazy things at the black sand beach. 

Hawaiian Jungle chicken

black sand beach

dude man, check out the rash on my chest from surfing. It was bleeding by the  end of the week.

Melanie on the SUP

who is this guy? 

the crew hanging out right before the wedding. 

sunset on the beach

Mr Young enjoying himself 

bunch of old people hanging out. 

Marty and Simon. also marty's mom

Tara and Big John.

Oh so happy. 

welcome to the family you polish immigrant 

so romantic. 

sun rise on Haleakala with the group.
Melanie about to get a head ache 

rainbow ricky on the hike down to the crater. 

Hiking in the Haleakala Park 

found these wild free range organic chickens on the drive down Haleakala. I felt right at home.

rental car, rental boards, yeah broski, send it. 

lifes a beach, the whole crew getting burnt and crushing pints. 

speaking of crushing pints.... this man is going to to do BC bike race next  year. hummm this will be so fun to watch.

some dude men just sending it. on the north side of Maui. 

twin falls walk. 


the beach is that way?

the black sand beach that is. 
skied half way up cheam yesterday with Max and etsell. Max almost died....again.
Melanie dumpster diving
shaking the sand out before we jumped on the plane.