Friday, July 29, 2011

BCBR hangover.

Well, I've been really busy since BCBR. It was nice not to ride my bike for a while and do some other things. Like paddle the river and ski, oh yeah and work too.
This past weekend I raced the gear jammer on saturday and finished second to the squamish wonder child. I had to sprint a hungry Kevin Calhoun for second but I got it and true dirty fashion. Sunday I was a little tired and logan wetzel took me by 45 seconds. So two second place finishes at two awesome races.

Klade the Olympian at the pointavista

a big group from the VKC getting ready to paddle the big bad chilliwack river.
skied baker with etsell yesterday. had to hike in for about an hour or so.

Glacier travel with a big old crevasse
etsell about to hit the wall right before the roman wall.
yeah G3! on the top of mt baker about to shred 6000ft of unreal corn snow.
etsell and I with a summit shot.
lines down the roman wall. talk about a blue bird day!
so awesome!
we took and hid some beers in the creek at the bottom. nothing beats a long day topped off with a true ice cold pint.
chilling at home post ski looking back at where I was 3hrs ago. right at the top of that thing. the line we ski down is that shoulder off the right hand side. so awesome!!!
going huge of mini jumps at the gear jammer.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The needle and the damage done.....

Oh there has been some damage done. I think BCBR took about ten years off my life. I've been sleeping like 10hrs every night this week and then taking like 2hr naps every afternoon. I hope I can be normal soon.

The final podium. Im laying in the Hotel passed out with a fever at this point.

powell river close to the end of the stage. working it hard.

I think this photo was on the sunshine coast. what a cool shot.

very cool photo! squamish, marty and I are at the far upper right. see if you can spot us in the Nativo kit.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Win or die trying. BC bike race 2011

Well its all said and done, and I am done! BC bike race is now over and I can do nothing for a while. I'm going to spend some time at the beach getting rid of the wicked farmer tan I got all week. OK so it all started in Cumberland last saturday and finished in the whistler hospital a week later. Marty and I raced really well together all week and were second in almost every stage. we had a couple flat tires and some rough patches but for the most part we really killed it. I had so much fun just shredding all the epic single track all week. I just love bc and everything about it. So much fun.
So I finished day 6, and didn't really treat my body that great. Maybe one to many beer, maybe one to many coffee, maybe one to many a&w mozza burgers, maybe not enough water, maybe 6days of hard racing. But the morning of stage 7 you could find me tossing my cookies on the side of the hwy. But marty and tara figured it would be a great idea if I raced. Thanks guys, Im so happy to have friends like you guys.
Marty placed the beer in my hands, him and Simon were going to dump it in my iv drip. Tara had to stop them. Polish people should not be allowed in a hospital.
The walk of shame. I had to pee in a cup. Taraaaaaaaa!
I just love how marty and tara are killing themselves laughing. thanks guys. Oh I was cold. and found it hard to breathe.
1 min after the race. staying warm in the sun, until the medics came and put an iv in my arm.
Living the dream on the sunshine coast. eating beef jerky infront of the rv while crushing pints in lawn chairs. you know your a red neck when.....
Jacques leg a couple days after stage one.
every day after the race we got a massage. Thank you tara.
getting onto the ferry at powell river.
talk to the hand, neal kinree the squamish wonder child being as social as ever.
winner winner chicken dinner, scott Im sure is texting his wife and telling her about how much fun he is having.
this cant be good for you?
Simon fixed our bikes all week. the guy did an awesome job and wore the same shorts all week. Simon is h&p (huge and powerful)
scott and I unpacking the car before the race.
marty's next door cat. whoever gave this thing a hair cut is my hero.

Friday, July 01, 2011

BC bike race preview

BC bike race starts this weekend. Its going to be the best week of my life I think. Im doing it with the polish wonder and recently crowned king of the shore Marty Lazarski as part of the team Nativo Concepts / Devinci. On wednesday we went and pre rode stage 6 in squamish, and had some team meetings. Tara is going to baby sit us all week. Taraaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! my legs hurt!!!!!!!!!!!!! taraaaaaaaaaaa!!! Im hungry!!!! oh yeah its going to be a great week.
Team Nativo/Devinci, marty and ricky.
I watched the how to pack for bcbr video by dre then went to town. this is my life for the next week. Helmet, shoes, bike. You want to make sure you remember everything. I think I got everything.
Hit up costco yesterday for some fat boy snacks. spent 200$. there is also a ton of ricky bars in there. yeah life is good. I bet we are going to kill this stash on day one. Im going to gain weight on this trip. so good!