Saturday, July 31, 2010


Oh wow its been a while! So back at like Christmas my computer broke down and I didn't really feel like fixing it so I used my ipod for checking out Internet stuff and would use other peoples computers when needed. But its all changed now! I got myself a really crappy computer of my own and Im rocking and rolling! I hate computers, but they are kind of nice. I just had so many photos on my camera and needed to do something with them. so I might try to up date this thing a little more often now.

The last couple weeks I've just been burning the candle at both ends and Im kind of sick now. so Im just eating garlic and hot food and trying to kill this thing.

So I raced the BC cup at bear mt in mission and it might just be the best race course I have ever done! no joke! best ever! anyhow I was killing the dh and holding my own on the climbs to finish 50seconds behind pro bike racer hadley. So close to a win!, next year Ill get em. anyhow right after the race I headed up to mt baker with ryan p to see if we could ski the whole thing but we ran into really low visibility and some crazy wind so we turned back and lapped it a couple times. While we were out skiing the wind took our tent and made it a sale and ryan ended up loosing his wedding band and I broke a tent pole and put a bunch of holes in my mobile fabric home. out!

Ill try and tell some more stories over the next couple weeks to catch up. later