Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bo ya?

The past couple weeks have been unreal wicked awesome. went to tofino with the chilliwack kayak club and surfed and ate crab and made smores. the next week was the bear mt race over in mission. I dont think I would have done this race but I had a free reg cause I won it last year and I also had the #1 plate so I should try and defend it. I rode my new 28lb trek ex8 bike with bike tires and plush suspension. The guys Im racing against are on 21lb bikes, they are spandex wearing pasta eating put my feet up all night, do intervals on the computrainer, and drink spinach smoothies till the sun goes down kinda racers. Where on the other hand I wore baggy shorts and t shirt rocked the hairy legs ate a&w uncle burger combos and kayaked the chilliwack river canyon till the sun goes down. I got second in the race to tom skinner who was climbing like a monkey. I led for 80% of the race but tom passed me on the last climb. I was killing the DH on my EX but in a XC race "killing" the downs can only get you so much time and you need to kill the ups and I was climbing like an hippo. then sunday I hiked mt cheam with Claire and Max and ended up driving the Tercel all the way to the cheam parking lot! 4X4 machine! hike was hot and after we found some sweet watering holes on the chilliwack river. I heart chilliwack.

Max loving it on the top. He would chase chipmunks right off the cliff if I didn't have the leash on him. crazy dog.

Go fly a kite jon.

The lady's going boogie boarding.

I wish I could live in Victoria so that I could ride the ferry all the time! right?

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Yeahhhhhh, whistler, epicccc, yeahhhhhhhhh!

The last weekend was just unreal! so friday I loaded up the car with Marty and we drove out to whistler for some epic riding and some paddling. I love it up in whistler and will make my way back up there at some point this summer. Then on sunday I had to work in the morning but in the afternoon I hit up the 7hrs williams ridge hike with Claire. Its now thursday and my legs are still not back to normal.
Hiking in the alpine meadows of Chilliwack.
Max was unreal over the bolder field he should be a pro rock climber, I almost thought he was going to kill himself when he almost chased this bird off a cliff

epic chilliwack thats sleese off to the right of the photo and rexford is right behind me.

the view east, still some snow around

chilliwack lake

Claire loving it.

Whistler riding with Brain and marty and it was hot so we just dipped the head. On saturday the tree of we rode Thrill me kill me, Comfortably numb, and then we cut of on North secret trail and saved a 7year olds life(saved his moms life too) while riding lost lake trails. No big deal, all in a days "work".

Im only 35% white, I wonder what the rest of me is?

Friday going to paddle(swim) the green river is whistler. I tore it up and saved martys boat while he swam. Saturday I meet Bret in Squamish and we did the Mamquam and it was a lot of fun. Bret is making some serious gains the the paddle.

Saturday was the real epic with Julian Hine and the Cromag boys. we rode the Khyber pass and it was one for the books

oh oh who am I "marty is that you riding with no helmet?, why? please never do that again!!!!!!!"

thats me on the new EX8, by the way that bike is so unreal! I love riding with the baggy shorts group, it feels like Im racing a 2001 roddi lega.

Nice Dex marty, you really fit in.

J High with the feed bag. You cant burn what you dont have.