Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Camping in January?

The people have spoken. I guess I better tell you all what I have been up to since dec 28th. Training is going well, the weather has been the worst I can remember so I have been forced to do a ton of skate skiing and ride the bike when I can. I guess there has been four things that have been going on. New years party, a ski trip at Manning, a holiday to Mexico with my family, and then I have been doing a ton of camping.

New years. So it was a dress up, potluck, canucks vs flames, and just a good time had by all. I think. We played this game where you roll dice and opening this gift wrapped in like 20 million layers of packing tape. Yes and the canucks lost to the flames and the potluck was unreal.

ski weekend. there was a group of 15 of us that went up to Manning park. We rented a 14person cabin. We had ski races(results are below), wicked food, out door pond hockey at night, crazy sleding, hot tub with snow jumping and camp fire with smores and podium. I think it was the best weekend of my life, no joke. My cousin Dustin I think had the quote of the weekend when we were playing pond hockey at night under the lights "man this is unreal, I feel like I am in the molson Canadian commercial" yeah best weekend ever!

Mexico. It was me, my brother, my sisters(connor you be nice), my parents and my Moms parents. We went to Puerto Vallarta and the weather was very good but kind of cold we only had highs of like 25c. I did a ton of boogie boarding, beach volley ball, we went surfing, there was some unreal sun sets, I got real burt one day. The highlight of the trip was when we took a cab up the coast to this little hippie town called Sayulita and rented surf boards and did it up.

Camping. OK its cold out right? camping is fun right? what is one to do? well you can always go camping indoors. So I set up my tent in the basement so I could have a nice nap inside of it with my sleeping bag. Then I got some camping chairs, Toby got me a pine tree and it is now a great place to hang out. Then the real kicker is that I got a toaster from the sally Ann and took it apart so the coils are fully exposed and then put some rocks around it and its like the little fire pit. There is a bag of marshmallows for roasting and its the greatest thing ever. If anyone wants to come by for a camp you are more then welcome. I will try to get some photos of it on here soon.
New years fun.
ski race.
Hockey night in canada.
The Federau kids going boogie boarding.

Ski weekend results.
Sprint races, Friday January 4.
Ricky – 1:23
Connor – 1:24
Toby – 1:28
Marsh – 1:39
Brett – 1:39
Jess – 1:52
Kristen – 2:17
Anna – 2:38
Dustin – 4:09

5KM A Race
Ricky – 16:13
Toby – 17:24
Marsh – 20:22
Jess – 21:35
Connor – 22:08
Brett – 24:33

5KM B Race
Anna – 29:40
Shane – 32:27
Kristen – 32:29 (DQed for cheating)

5KM A Pursuit race
Ricky – 15:48
Toby – 17:17
Marsh – 19:24
Jess – 21:20
Connor – DNS
Brett - DNS

5KM race combined.
Ricky – 32:01
Toby – 34:41
Marsh – 39:46
Jess – 42:55