Monday, December 29, 2008

A Festivis for the rest of us

Holidays are just crazy. I have been having way too much fun! I got to go to sleep now. Enjoy the photos.
December 20 Claire and I went to mt Cheam to hike up and ski down. When we got to the bowl at spoon lake there was two guys who got there snowmobile stuck in a gully so we pulled the nice guy move and helped these guys pull the sled out for 1.5hrs. I did a lot of pulling on a rope and there was not much for Claire to do so she just stood on the ridge and took photos and froze to death. It was kind of getting dark and we both got cold and the guys in the sled drove us down to the car. Kind of backwards with the sled ride down and the hike up but what can you do.
sweet pony eh?
MMMMMM mama sita!
Toby, Ben, check out what I got for Christmas? you guys are going to get worked next time!
Marty at Cypress on Dec 28
Trevs Stag on Dec 27 and Miller is thinking cow.
Stag limo ride
The limo, we only got stuck like 4x and the austin powers turn around was used.
Claire at the Callaghan on Dec 27
Callaghan parking lot and new lodge. My car now has snow tires and its just unreal!
Christmas Dinner with the Enns Family on Dec 26
Nate taking a pee on Hwy one on the way to manning park on Dec 26
Mad glide at manning.
Its fine I got snow tires.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Cheam pow and Cypress glide!

Wow what a sweet weekend! Saturday I went up Cheam with a couple of redneck 18year olds and the pow was unreal! the real story of that trip is kind of on the DL and if you want to find out more you have to email me or phone me. Then on sunday afternoon I went to Cypress with Claire and I ran in to Tim and we skated our brains off! check out the video of tim killing it. Cypress was good but my pole kept going through the snow cause its not really that well packed yet. Oh what a great weekend!
sunday at cypress, best ever!
rednecks on quads, check out the pow! I skined all the way like a true hard man!

this is what I would call real frosty tips, marty you should get some frosty tips?

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Sicky Ricky

Kind of a bummer weekend. I was either going to go to silverstar again solo in the tercel or go ski on the glacier on mt baker, which should have ample snow right now. After Marty kind of made fun of me for driving so much I caved in and decided to stay home and do the baker. So Ryan P got some AT skis and we drove out to the big white baker. Well there was more snow and better skiing in August. Soon they should have snow up there but not right now. So we basically did a 3 hr hike with skis on our back and skied for 2min, but I did get to ski for 2min. Then on Sunday I was just really tired and chilled out and felt something coming on and now I am full blown sick. I think its just my body building up anti body's for the rest of the winter so its all good. I will be fine, it just sucks sitting on the couch watching CMT for 12hrs a day with Kleenex jammed up my nose. I am eating garlic like there is no tomorrow and I have been drinking the ginger/lemon juice/honey/hot water combo as well. I should be good soon.
This is what I skied down. you would get like 5 feet of snow then 5ft of ice, its decmber right?
As you can see my jacket has fresh snow on it. SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 01, 2008

Christmas in December and another Silverstar weekend!

Thursday a bunch of stuff from Rossi came in so a skiing weekend was going to take place. There was suppose to be a big group of us going to whistler to ski the Callaghan but they got a big dumping of rain and it was forecast to rain the whole weekend so we made the plan to go to Silver star. The star had a 36cm base and 8cm new so I knew it would be good! The big group became very small very fast. Nate went to Vegas to gamble all his EI money away and Matry and Tara had to go to a poetry reading all weekend so it was just me and Claire left and we packed up Claire's dad's 1989 4 runner and hit the road. The 89 4 runner may be the best truck ever! Claire has never skate skied before and made some mad gains as you can see in the video and I got to use my new X-ium skis and boots and one way poles and it was unreal fast!

This is my new ski set ups for the year. Oh mama Sita! All we need now is a crazy dumping of snow!
Rossi must know I am a chicken farmer because they put a little chicken on my skis.
Toby, this is what a ski waxing stand should look like. I got to get some C clamps to make it more secure but its going to be the best ever! I waxed my skis Saturday morning before we went up, fresh wax, I like!
Starbucks and snow, the best combo ever! Oh wait the California Dreaming sandwich from safeway and bucks and snow post ski thats the best ever and it went down both days. But no photos, sorry.
Saturday we got to silver star at like 330 and we skied for a bit in the light and then a lot in the dark with head lamps on. This photo is at the top of the comet and yes that is a Ricky bar in my mouth, life doesn't get any better then this. The trail that goes down from the comet is unreal!
New gear and the 4 runner.
Toby, Connor, Marty, you guys should take a good look at this photo
Because this is the view you guys will have when we ski. Bibs on!
The sun set on the way down Sunday was very cool, the whole town of Vernon was covered in clouds and we were above it.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

you tint my window?

The past two weekends I have gone XC skate skiing at silverstar. On weekend one the conditions were not so hot but I was skiing and it was sweet! I went with Nate in the rav 4 and he got a speeding ticket and we stayed at a friend ( from high school in Vernon. Weekend two was a full solo mission with me in the tercel and tenting in the wal mart parking lot hard man style. The skiing was unreal! I was on fire but the real story of the weekend was what happened to Betsey(my car) but you will have to check out the photos to see. Enjoy.
Nate nate nate, you speeder!
oh mama! full skiing!

driving down into vernon to spend the night, the sun sets over the lake are unreal!
Strapping on a feed bag on the way home after skiing 4ish hrs each day. Mmm safeway is my new best friend. Oh and Nate had these free starbucks drink cards so we each got like 6$ drink and took full advantage of it, I got a Venti de cafe mocha latte with whip cream and caramel drizzle fo shizzle! And chocolate shavings. I am almost as fat as the corn dawg after a week of egg nog lattes.

This was on a friday night salmon BBQ in North van. Cake!!!!!!!!!
The top of the coke on weekend 2. my car was unreal in the snow! My sweet paint job kind of got destroyed by all the gravel and salt but what can you do?
My home for the night.
OK so I drink coffee in Vernon all morning then I get to the hill and I got to pee so bad, so I get out of my car in my T shirt and take a pee in the bush, (yes I was raised on a farm) then I try to get back into my car and its locked and my keys are in the car. Hum this is not good, and I'm cold! And my jackets in the car! And I want to ski now! So long story short I suck at breaking in to my own car and break the window by accident. So I end up stashing anything thats of any value at the silver star front desk and I had the best ski ever! My thoughts were I can just drive home with the windows down right?
Wrong! I get down the mountain and I just about froze to death. So I fixed up the window and drove home. The duck tape lasted the whole way, Red Green would be so proud of me. And yes the drive sucked!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Basement camping is back!

Who is in? I got a new bag of fresh marsh mellows and everything. Who will drop the muffin on the coils this year? oh mama see ta its going to be unreal! I rode columbia valley today and tore it up. You know that Toby Keith song I aint as good as I once was? well I am as good once as I ever was. Whatever that means. So yeah come over for some sweet smores.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Trick or Treat?

So long time no blog, sorry. This crazy face book thing has been taking up way to much of my computer time. Anyhow Halloween was wicked fun, a bunch of us dressed up and went laser disco bowling and we had a great time. before the bowling we also went trick or treating in north van and I now have a sweet haul of candy! I am going to use the candy I got for making smores for basement camping, just imagine a reese's peanut butter cup smore! oh mama see ta! The next day Marty and I went for a great ride on the shore. Now its pissing rain outside so I think Squash will take up most my week. Oh yeah, work too, I get to drive a tractor most of the week and its going to be unreal! and check out tom skinners blog for a impressive video of me walking the last 12km of the marathon!
from right to left. Cat's pj's, cat woman, drunk pumpkin, pimp, Tink, pete, and crazy Mexican.

This is how peter Pan eats Sushi.

Snoooooooooooop! he is going to drop the bowling ball like its hot.

Pete and Tink. nice hat eh? my mom made it and I took the feathers right out of a chicken.
I think Tink put pixie dust on all the balls she rolled because they were all strikes!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

St Helens!

On the weekend we did Mt st Helen's. Helen's is North America's most active volcano. Marty, Tara, Brett and I all drove down in Marty's car and debated about anything we could on the way down. We stopped in Seattle for some coffee and maybe the best sandwich ever. The drive was like 6hrs. On Saturday we hiked for 1hr up to a little camp and I forgot a bunch of stuff and froze to death so I had to go into my sleeping bag a little early. This hike is unlike anything I have ever done, its like you are on the moon! Then at the top there is this massive hole where a 800m mountain use to be. It was very cool.
the car ride.
chilling out for marty.
sun rise at the camp.
walking on the moon. I had the police song in my head all day! it is a good one.
“I hope my legs don't break walking on the moon” Nate this one is for you!
the massive hole at the top.