Monday, April 23, 2007

Seatac Shuffle

Sunday morning we left my place in Chilliwack just after 6am. We got to the race course at 930 after a couple short stops you know, coffee, gas, bikes almost falling off the rack kind of stuff. When we got there we met up with Matt Green and Stef Widmer. We all pre rode a lap of the course. I did this race in 04 and it was basically the same, crazy fast and flowing and no real big climbs, its the same as hardwood hills. We all lined up for the start and Matt Green is right next to me and they say go and Matt stomps on the pedals and brakes his chain and almost takes everyone out. You know pulling a 1999 Peter Wedge at rocky mt house. Then I got into the single track in like fifth place and by half way through the first lap I went to the front and never looked back, I felt good and smooth and the bike was wicked unreal, it accelerates so fast out of the corners. But I really need to work on my starts, the first 100m is killing me. I won $75, and spent some of that on a burrito on the way home and then watched Connor's Flames get kicked out of the playoffs. Canucks might be kicked out tonight, I was cheering for the flames so Connor you better send some good vibes towards the Canucks. He is a photo from TST last weekend. Off for Poland on Tuesday.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

New Kit.

Yesterday I made it in to Atac sportswear in Langley and picked up my new kit. This stuff is unreal. It looks great, and the real kicker is that it fits me like a glove and not the OJ's glove, like a nice fitting glove, You know those ones, Yeah. I have had way to much coffee this morning and my new mini bodum is my new best friend. Oh I went into wentings bike shop and we put my new Trek hard tail on the scale and it was 19.2lbs. and there is a couple things still to go, race day it will be just a hair under 19. The canucks better wrap this thing up tonight be sure to watch CBC at 5pm. Tomorrow I am off to Seattle for the Seatac shuffle.
So after I won all those coffee beans at TST last weekend I had to go and get a coffee grinder. When you grind your own beans then brew it up the coffee is like a billion times better.
Then I mowed down on this sweet feast. remember that salmon I caught in the summer, well it got smoked and now its smoking good.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Go Canucks Go!

I was in some need of some motor pacing so Thursday my Dad took me up mt Baker behind the scooter and it was pissing snow and cold up at the top but it was real nice down in the valley. I was almost crying my hands got so cold at the top. After a 170km of sucking scooter wheel I ended up at my parents which is always good, there fridge is packed to the gills!
Then Friday afternoon I got in the rugged Montana van with Will, Tony, and Josh from Whistler. We drove down to Seattle, stayed at this sweet place right on lake Washington. We had a wicked night, we hit up some massive burritos then ate them while we watched the Canucks loose game 2. The next morning We all got in the van, after some coffee of course, then we drove down and raced Tahuya- Seabeck-Tahuya. The race was good on the "selection hill" with 20-30km to go I put in a strong attack and only Will and 3 other guys could hang so the 5 of us rolled through to the finish and I ended up in 5th. Will was 3rd. After the race we stopped at the Safeway for nourishment. Check out this sub Josh got, I didn't think any one bought those things. Josh AKA Bill Cosby.

I also made some coffee improvements in my life. First off my home french passed away the other week when I dropped it in the sink, I don't know if you can see the crack but its there. But with every bad comes a good and I just got this sweet travel french press, it will be making the trip to Poland for sure. I also won a bag of coffee from the TST race. And check out what the kids in my complex did with side walk chalk, in 10 years from now they will be using real spray paint on some down town buildings. Canucks are now up 2-1 and looked real good in the third period last night. Go Canucks Go!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Its go time!

Just got back from a wicked motor pacing session with Conor, to see Conors view on it go to It was sweet, 100km. Now I am cooked. I am strapping on a feed bag. You know that dog food called "dog chow" or "puppy chow" well I am feasting on some "Ricky chow". A wicked steak sandwich with tomato and Avocado. Mm mm. For my motor pacing warm up and cool down I went and rode my new mt bike on Vedder and its unreal! Its fully set up right now and is sickly light and fast. 2007 is all ready to go, Big thanks to Trek and Wentings on the bikes! Also big thanks also going out to Atac sportswear for doing my new clothing, as well as, and for some huge help. I am off to race in Poland at the end of April. I will keep you all posted.

Monday, April 02, 2007

March 21st the first day of spring.

So once the end of march rolls around the race season begins. This past weekend I raced two times. I did the road race out on zero ave on the Saturday then on Sunday I went down to Olympia Washington to race the mt bike. The road race was not so good for me. All those quick accelerations and jumps are a big shock to the Ricky system. Then Sunday was the race in the states and it went well. It pissed rain all night and some during the day and the 17mile course was just a mess. The course was all these moto trails and the ruts were large and muddy. I felt good and won the race and my new Trek carbon hard tail was unreal! wicked unreal. I love the mud, my mother was a mudder. There was so much mud, I am still picking it out of my ears, and my bike needs a full overhaul. So yeah the season is in full swing and I get to race almost every weekend from now till September. Oh and its pissing snow out right now. Full Chill day today.