Monday, November 20, 2006

Thursday feed bag

So Thursday its US thanksgiving at my place. 6pm. Who is all going to come? Its full on pot luck style so bring something good and thanksgiving related. Collarbone Kurt, Nikki and I are going to stuff and bake a wicked Turkey. So if you are going to come bring food. And let me know. “it will be the greatest meal of our lives.” Also I want to do a wicked stuffing, any good ideas?

Friday, November 17, 2006

You cant have your cake and eat it too.

The last week has been one mad adventure. First off Sunday we all went over to the Beers to celebrate Kurts 30th birthday and eat 6kg of pirogies. It was also Toby's birthday a couple days before and I got him the best gift ever, “a new one” from the teapot. Then on Monday I was running down the rotary trail and there was this girl running towards me and I was thinking man she is really moving then as she got closer I was like hey it Nikki, so I went in her lane and was all flexing and acting like a moron then as she got closer she went on the other side of the trail and passed right by, well it was not Nikki, and I felt so cool. Wednesday I was showing all the juice monkeys at the gym how it was done and then the power went out and we all had to go home. Kurts Mom baked a cake for his birthday and stuck it in the mail, and yesterday we got the cake and it was so good. Then after eating the cake we went for a mountain bike ride and ¾ way down Kurt had this wicked crash and had to walk out. When we got home Nikki(the real one) drove him to the hospital in Bellingham to get checked out. Kurt dose not have his care card yet so hence the Bellingham trip. And turns out Kurt broke (cracked) his collar bone. Doctor says he will have to just take it easy for 3-4weeks but I think if he drinks lots of chocolate milk 2-3 weeks.

whey to much coffee
Nice Sling
Mailed cake, the best kind of cake. and check out the other goods, life is good.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Teapot Challenge

Well its done, the trash talking has came to an end and the first ever teapot challenge is now done. So results are:
1st Ricky
2nd Toby
3rd Jon
4th Kurt
5th Derek
Thats it we only had 5 people who did the whole thing, next year there will be more. I will give you my view of the race, but you can get Jon's view on his blog
Toby is the best mt biker out of all the kayaker's and he can paddle too. I on the other hand can destroy him on the bike and run, but my paddle is hurting so it might be very close. So we started out a the Holroyd Mansion on Cultus lake on our Mt bikes then we raced up Vedder and down one of my favorite trails called Dilemma. I dropped Toby right away then I came to the lake 11 min up. I had a good transition and paddled best I could, turns out Toby only went 1or2 min faster on the first paddle leg. So I was still like 9or10 min up at the bottom of the run. Then I ripped up teapot, and then half way down I ran into Toby going up and I had a massive gap and the 3or4 cups of coffee I drank in the morning was making me pee so bad, so I went in the woods. I got to work on the coffee pacing, its tough. Then at the start of the last paddle I had like 13 min on Toby. Now the wind had really picked up and it was like white water on Cultus, I got like 100m out and I thought I was going to die, I almost got flipped over multiple times and and with the wind and my lack of paddling knowledge I got spun 180 three times. Good thing I had a 13min buffer. I touched the dock 6or7min up on Toby. Oh man, a good time was had by all and the stories will last a year till the next teapot challenge. Jon, kurt and Derek had a good battle but Jon can tell that one. And today on a very wet Sunday afternoon I am just chilling trying to figure out what the top 10 tunes of all time are. Stairway to heaven, good bye Earl, thunderstruck, heart of gold, and I am trying to pick a tom petty song right now but this is hard work. Any suggestions? Later

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Best Day Ever!

-Woke up at 8 after a wicked good sleep
-Had unreal oatmeal I don't know what it was but it was perfect peanut butter/honey mix
-Had 3cups of coffee
-Rocked out hard to anything that was related to music while I dressed to go riding
-Went on a 4hr mt bike ride and after 2 hrs I met up with Kurt, Toby, Jon, and Kyle and brought them down Dilemma and it was cool to see Jon ride because it was the first time he went mt biking ever and just to know thats where I came from at one time, kind of brought me back to my younger days.
-This ride was unreal I found the wickedest route down the mt tyeing like 4 wicked trails together and I was on fire today and was ripping apart the single track, I tore it a new one!
-Then I got home and drank Chocolate milk and watched the Pig man Seinfeld.
-Had a wicked tuna omelet sandwich with pitas and avocado and tomato.
-Watched Oprah from 4-5
-Put a roast in the oven
-Went paddling at the lake in the dark, its so cool paddling in the dark, its seams like you are going a million miles an hour.
-Now I am trying to make myself like everything related to food and beverage in this world, last month I got on the coffee train and the only thing left is Beer, now lets be honest Beer is gross, I am going to try to acquire a taste for it so once a week is beer night, the rules are 1beer with a mid week canucks hockey game and every week we are going to do a different Beer. So got home from paddle and drank 1 beer, a Kokanee. Next week its Canadian.
-watched the Canucks get worked
- took the roast out and ate a proper roast dinner with Kurt and Nikki in the first intermission
-Now I am going to have some lemon Zinger tea and hit the sack.
I am so pumped on the teapot challenge on Saturday at 1pm at main beach, staging will be at 1230. I am going to tear Toby a new one if the water is smooth if its choppy that will not be good for Ricky if its real choppy it will take me like 3hrs to paddle across the lake. Oh man I hope it's glass like water.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Its a mad house

So Monday at 430pm the river was at a all time high. The highest its ever been in recorded history and I got to give mad props to Derek and Jon who got in there boats at peak flow time and went from Vedder bridge to peach road. Mind you it was short, but D and J should be put in the book of Chilliwack records. Also the teapot challenge is taking place on November 11th at 1pm at main beach. There will be a pre ride of the mt bike leg on Thursday the 9th at noon at main beach parking lot. See you all there.

Monday, November 06, 2006

good night jug dish

The last week has been very full. Mid week I had to wake up at 6 to do this 2min talk in front of all these honch business guys about my training and racing. Then Saturday I had to wake at like 430 to go to the Haney to Harrison run. It turned out I didn't even end up running I just drove/sat in the car and stayed dry while I watch a bunch of people run in the pissing rain. I drank way to much coffee on a empty stomach then I got a wicked head ache and felt like crap for like 2hrs. One upside from the day was this crazy sweet rainbow, the best one I have ever seen. Then yesterday I had a kayak class at the Cheam center pool and I got to go off the high dive in a kayak. It was unreal. So Kurt and I are just sitting around drinking coffee and talking about the days when you could make money doing sports. So I was talking about the test of metal and making like 1500 two years in a row. The one year I beat Neal Kindree, you remember Neal? So Kurt did this race with 10grand for first place and it was a multi sport event with rock climbers and Kurt was hanging with these honch rock climbers and he was like “ho man you guys are sweet!” that is the quote of the week. Today I drove up the chilliwack river with Connor and there was mad flood going on the bridge is going to be taken out soon and tons of the houses had the river going through them. Me and Kurt did a push up competition this morning and I got up to 10. Thats a pb for me. I also did some handyman work around the house and put in a new mail lock because I lost the key, and then I put in a new faucet with a detachable handle and 2 spray modes, yeah, “ho man this thing is sweet.”

the road is closed
looking down tamihi

doing some plumbing